About Us

International Aviation Meeting of the Lusophone Commonwealth

Lusoavia is produced and co-organized by several entities with proven integrity and extensive know-how in the tourism and aviation industry. The Organization of LusoAvia together with our institutional partners, we have been able to guarantee the support and participation of the Portuguese speaking countries, its institutions and the most important companies in the aviation sector.
With the support and production of NewsAvia which manages a media project with a worldwide range, of more than 7 millions users, in conjunction with the Business Commission of the Community of Portuguese speaking countries, StartUp Madeira, the support of The Portuguese Aviation Civil Authorities and many more guarantees credibility, sustainability and grandeur to the event.

The CPLP aviation market

LusoAvia is an unprecedented event that brings together the most important public and private organizations in the aviation industry of the Portuguese-speaking countries, whose mission is to foster institutional cooperation and strengthen business relations within the CPLP.

Lusophone Airlines

Nine countries one same sky

LusoAvia is a unique event, original and unparalleled in the world of aviation. The union of an entire sector around a common language opens doors to knowledge and for mutual economic development. Airport managers, civil aviation authorities, universities, aviation academies, aviation personalities and professionals, ambassadors, policy-makers, builders, service providers, and suppliers will be gathered at a working meeting and multilateral promotion.