Bernardo Theotónio-Pereira

Bernardo Theotónio-Pereira

Managing Partner FIRMA


Law Graduate, with specialization in management and finance from the Portuguese Catholic University and Private Equity from Oxford University. Currently, he is developing its doctoral thesis in development studies focused in national strategy.

Bernardo Theotónio-Pereira

  • Co-founder of Firma – Portuguese Business Agency;
  • Co-founder of the union of banks, insurers and financial institutions of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (UBSIF-CPLP);
  • Professor and creator of the “Potencial do Mundo Lusófono“ in Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE);
  • Member of national and international institutions;
  • Entrepreneur, investor and partner of various companies in the world;
  • Strategist, columnist and thinker.