Gianfranco Beting

Gianfranco Beting



1964 Born in São Paulo in January. Married, two children, speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian fluently. 1975-1981 He studied at Santo Américo College, in S. Paulo. 1976, was invited by Omar Fontana, for his first professional work: to define the color patterns of two aircraft of the Transbrasil fleet.

1981 Attends the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of FAU-USP. 1983 Starts his career at Almap / BBDO as a trainee in art direction. 1986 Promoted to Creative Director of the Branding and POP area. 1988 Hired as Senior Art Director at Futura Scali / McCabe Sloves. 1990 Assumes as Vice President and Creative Director at Intermarket, Transbrasil’s house-agency.

1991 Intermarket becomes the fourth Brazilian agency with the most awards in the yearbook of the Creation Club of São Paulo – despite the agency serving a single client. 1992 Leaves Transbrasil / Intermarket and returns to advertising as Creative Director at W / Brazil, the most creative and successful advertising agency in Brazil. 1993-1995 Receives several prizes in Brazil and in international competitions for his creative work in W / Brazil. 1995 Returns to Transbrasil as Marketing Director. Chosen as “Team Leader” in the association between Transbrasil, Northwest and KLM. Team Leader in the process of restructuring Transbrasil’s under the seal of Speedwing Consulting.

Completed “cum laude” the course “Management of Airline Marketing and Sales” in Bangkok, Thailand. 1996 Assumes the area of ​​creation and development of products, as well as Onboard Service and internal communication. Promoted as Vice-President of the company. 1997 leaves Transbrasil definitively and, returned to propaganda, assuming the position of Art Director at Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi. 1999 Creative Director at JW Thompson. 2000 Opens its own agency, site incubator and content provider called Jobcom.

2001 Launches – the first and most visited aviation portal in Brazil, quickly reaching 350,000 different visitors and 1. 3 million monthly visits. 2002 He won the award Santos Dumont of Aviation Journalism for the first time. Jobcom starts to serve Embraer as an official image provider. 2003 He intensifies his role as a journalist and begins to collaborate with texts and images on a regular basis with the following publications: Vogue; Travel & Tourism; Flap Internacional; Ícaro; Aero Magazine and Avião Reveu (Brazil) – Flight International (UK); Skyliners (Germany); Airliners and Airways (USA).

2004 Launches JetImages, the largest aviation image database in Latin America, with 550,000 images of 32,000 aircraft. 2005 He publishes two books on commercial aviation: JET and Asas Brasileiras / Brazilian Wings. 2006 He founded the Jetgroup, a communications company that is 100% dedicated to marketing and branding for customers in the aviation industry. Conquers accounts of companies such as Air BP, TAM, Total, Lufthansa / Swiss. He won the Santos Dumont Award for the second time. 2007 Publishes the third book on commercial aviation, Blackbox. Jetgroup wins Rolls-Royce Aero Engines, ABAG and LABACE customers.

Selected as Airbus official photographer for the first visit of the Airbus A380 in Brazil. 2008 Third conquest of the Santos Dumont Award. Published the books “Nas Nuvens” and “Varig: 432 Aeronaves da Eterna Pioneira”. On March 1st, he is the first Brazilian contracted to assist in the creation of the newest airline in the country, “Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras (Blue Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras”).  Created the brand, name, visual identity and uniforms of the company.

Becomes Marketing Director of the company. 2009 Created an innovative standard of service for the company, based on the freedom of creation and flexibility of the front-line employees of the company. Changes is designation for Director of Communication, Brand and Product of Azul. In November, he published his sixth book, “Varig, Eterna Pioneira”. Elected one of the 30 Most Creative Marketing Professionals in the country by the publication Meio & Mensagem.

2010 Azul elected one of the 30 “World’s Hottest Brands” by Advertising Age in the United States. 2012 Launches its seventh book, “Azul Acima de Tudo”, that narrates Azul’s preparation, creation, launch and development period until its successful integration with TRIP. 2011 Becomes Spokesperson for the company. Increases his performance as a speaker, both in Brazil and for audiences in Europe, Asia and North America.

2013 Adds the title of “Director of Culture” to his assignments at Azul. 2014 Leads the definition of the new standard of international services of Azul, taking care of the interiors of aircraft (A330, A350), the branding and materials of board. 2015 Detaches from Azul and retakes Jetgroup, a company specialized in marketing and communication for the aviation industry. Among its main clients, Azul itself, TAP Air Portugal and Viação Águia Branca. 2016 Launches his eighth book, “Tango Bravo Alfa”, in which he tells the story of Transbrasil.

 Additionally: Gianfranco travels extensively. Counting only with his international experience and time spent abroad gives a total of more than 7 years. Counted more than 2,000 flights on 170 airlines, experiencing no fewer than 96 aircraft types. He went around the world for four times, two of them at the invitation of two of the major global airline alliances. In the process, he visited 105 countries. Flew more than 5 million km. His aviation images collection surpasses 700,000 images, half of which are digital or already scanned.


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