José Correia Guedes

José Correia Guedes

Piloto - Autor


He was born in Porto in 1946. He joined TAP in 1971 as a flight attendant and shortly thereafter, was selected to attend the VIII Ab-Initio Pilot Course held at Flight Safety Academy in Vero Beach, Florida.

Flight Engineer in Boeing 727, Co-pilot of Boeing 727, Boeing 707 and Lockheed L1011, Tristar Commander of Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and Airbus A340, fleet where he served as LCC (Line Check Captain). Founder of SPAC, Union of Civil Aviation Pilots (1976).

Member of the IFACPA (International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations) of SPAC, having participated in the Conferences of Frankfurt (1978), Amsterdam (1979) and Surfers Paradise, Australia (1980).

Represented the SPAC at the Europilote 3 Man Crew Demonstration Meeting, Frankfurt 1979. Member of the Evaluation Committee of Madeira Airport (1979-80) chaired by André Turcat, Concorde test pilot. Founder and Sub-Director of the aeronautical magazine Sirius (1983). Author of the books: “Na Rota do Yankee Clipper (Chiado, 2012)” and “O Aviador (Lua de Papel, 2017)”

Photo by: Pau Storch.