José Luís Sousa Freitas

José Luís Sousa Freitas

Aerospacial Business Consultant


José Luís Sousa Freitas is from Santa Cruz, Madeira. Having grown up at the head of the runway, and a TAP employee’s son, he made his first flight before reaching the age of two, in a Boeing 727 TAP in 1979.

He holds a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico in 2001. He was responsible for developing the Aerospace business at GMV Portugal. Was at Thales Alenia Space (Cannes, France) to design software architectures for the Mars mission of the European Space Agency, and at BAE SYSTEMS (Rochester, England) in a precursor project of SESAR where he helped to develop avionics that tested in flight on a BAC 1-11 and Fokker VFW.

He moved to RAM, having been responsible for the business development of the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI), currently an innovation consultant and researcher at M-ITI.

An unconditional and relentless enthusiast of aviation he seeks to fly on all types of aircraft manufactured and experience the largest number of airlines, and fly to different airports. It has more than 1300 flights as a passenger. It has the qualification of private pilot of airplane, acquired in Aeroclube of Portugal, counting on 60 hours of flight.


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