Lito Sousa

Lito Sousa

Especialista em Manutenção Aeronáutica - Aviation Personality


Lito Sousa has more than 30 years of experience in aircraft maintenance, being an international reference. Formed and certified internationally, worked in the largest airlines leaving an historic legacy in the aviation industry. He is also a specialist in human factor errors and has studied Aerophobia deeply, developing the ” Eu posso voar ” project that has reached more than 1000 people. He provides various training and workshops both in Brazil and abroad for maintenance professionals. He collaborated in the development of “Flight Simulator” and has already taught the pilot course for 1 day to more than 500 lovers and enthusiasts. He is also the editor of the largest aviation blog for more than 10 years, being a true encyclopedia of the subject and source of studies and research for many agents of the area. Today is notorious for presenting the “Aviões e Músicas” channel that is a record holder.