Sandra Lira

Sandra Lira

Teoretical Knowledge Instructor na Alpha Aviation Academy


Born in South Africa, daughter of Madeiran emigrants. At 8 years of age, she went to live with her Mother on the Island of Madeira. She continued her studies there and in 1999 she graduated in Mathematics from the University of Madeira. Most of his life was spent in Madeira. At age 18, limited by insularity and family issues, she saw his dream of being an airplane pilot put off and opted for mathematics degree.

Already with teaching experience in mathematics in the last 4 years, in 2003 she went to Lisbon to continue her studies. She finished postgraduate and specialized training in 2004 and in 2006 she finishes Advanced Studies of Doctorate in Educational Sciences by the University of Seville.

In October 2006, she enrolled in the airline pilot course at the Aerocondor School in post-work hours and manages to fulfill her dream in July 2008.

When still a pilot student, she was invited to teach Mathematics and Physics at Aerocondor and Mathematics at the Aeronautical Sciences Degree at ISEC – Instituto Superior de Educação e Ciências, at the time in partnership with the Aerocondor Aviation School.

In 2010, she began attending the Aeronautical Sciences Degree at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies in Lisbon, where she also coordinated the advanced aeronautical sciences training course in the Azores to allow Azorean airline pilots to graduate later by this University.

She graduated in Aeronautical Sciences in 2012. Also during this period, she collaborated in the SINGLE project – Unit of Investigation in Aeronautical Sciences.

Between 2014 and 2016, she served as an instructor for Operational Procedures at the AWA School of Aviation.

From 2016 to 2017, she was an exclusive instructor at GAir, where she was also a responsible instructor at all worldwide bases, from the subjects Operational Procedures, Mass and Balance, Airplane Performance. Also as coordinator and instructor she accumulated functions in the Dubai Base, more specifically in Emirates Aviation University.

Still at GAir, since 2008 she was responsible coordinator of Mathematics and Physics courses.

At the same time and since 1999, she accumulated functions as Mathematics Teacher or Special Education Teacher in Government Schools, being part of the State’s framework, from which she came to be separated in September 2016 due to the exclusivity of functions in GAir.

Recently, she was hired by Alpha Aviation Academy – Dubai, where she pursues her theoretical education career. This time to teach Operational Procedures, Airplane Performance, Instruments and Radio Navigation.